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To those of you who showed up at the meeting-- yay! In attendance were: Matt Y, Shannon, Melissa, Andrea, and Joseph. That's five people, out of 111 on this list that knew about it... and no elected officers. We need to have a little chat.

Officers, we love you. You are great people. We love to see you. Then WHY DO YOU NEVER SHOW UP FOR THINGS? Some things do take precedence over others, and people understand prior commitments, but not all the time..Not going to an SCL meeting because its your "only free weekend" is not an excuse. Not showing up for events you PLANNED is just idiotic. You CHOSE to run for this office. Even if you didn't "want" to, you gladly accepted the duty, and promised to fulfill it to the best of your ability. The five of us (matt, shannon, joseph, andrea, melissa) thought for awhile that we couldn't have a meeting without you-- and true, we have no new business to discuss. We had no idea what's going on with the hotel for state, what's going on with certamen questions, or new insights on Reunion. We did, however, use the time to evaluate what the heck has been going on (see below...)

Anyway, so, a couple things.

The distinction between meetings and events. We can have meetings. We can have events. We can have events after meetings. Not such a good idea to have events DURING meetings. When we start to party, less things get done, we don't talk enough about important issues, and we don't feel accomplished. Wouldn't you rather get work done, and THEN party? Maybe meetings perhaps during the day, or at least earlier in the evening, so people don't confuse "meeting" with "party." You come to the meetings with the expectation to party-- realize that this is not the whole purpose. We have things we need to get done.

Oh look! A Tallahassee meeting! Exactly what you wanted. Exactly what we planned. To branch out. To have Gainesville people go to tally instead of meeting in gatorville all the time. To have less commute for some. Guess what? It didn't work. The people at the meeting were ones basically expected there anyway. We didn't get any new Tally people- the meeting was not publicized enough, perhaps-- but we defeated the purpose of it in the first place. You have known about this meeting since NATIONALS. Since August. Actually, since before August. Twas the second Saturday of the month, as was decided all our meetings would be in APRIL.

Certamen questions for the December tournament need to be written. No one seems to be doing this, yet we know between us we have a bazillion IQ points and SAT scores. We just have to get down to it-- and its always better to do it around people. I propose we have an certamen question-writing night. We can all meet somewhere, we can bring whatever resources we may need, and we can hang out and write questions. We're dorky enough that it will be fun. I promise. AND we'll all get it done, hopefully sometime soon so we have time to edit and such.

There were a couple other topics covered, Shannon has them and will post soon.

*the use of the second person is not directed towards a particular person. Its directed towards you as a group.

*the word "party" is used often. You know what I mean.

*I tried really hard to make this sound nice. Saturday night we were full of self righteous anger. Please don't hate me. No shooting the messenger.

*Happy Late Birthday Matthew Yates!
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