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Hi, my name is Allen Walker, and I'm over here in Pensacola. I went to Bay High School in Panama City, FL. Back in high school, I was big into Latin--My Latin teacher is still my favorite teacher of all time--and I attended State and Nationals all four years I was there. (North Dakota, Massachussetts, Florida, and Oklahoma). Since then, I've let my Latin slip again, mostly due to no one offering it--that and jumping across the country and what not.

Well I just this past week reconnected with my Latin teacher and told her I wanted to get involved in SCL again. So here I am...22 year old college student wanting to get back on this bandwagon. Hope someone here can help me. :)
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Hey Allen :-) I think we can get you hooked up. Join the Yahoo group over at uh...Yahoo. It's called fscl. Here's a link. We discuss meetings and all that good stuff there. Hope to see you soon!
Or do that. Yup.
Welcome! Join the SCL listserv. (You can do it by replying here with your e-mail address, and I'll send it to the group) and that will keep you up to date on when meetings are, etc. I don't think we currently have any active memebers in Pensacola, its nice to have the first one!
Hey there. I happen to be President of our Florida Chapter. We have meetings every second saturday of the month, and we would love for you to join us. Labor Day is also another one of our big events, so you might be interested in joining us there too. If you have any other questions, email me at