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written by Jen

The FSCL Minutes
G-Town Meeting; August 14, 2004.

People who attended: Matt, Mel, Adam (thanks for letting us use your place),
Phil, Jen, Michael, Marshall (I hope that is how you spell it), James, Sara,
Courtney, Claire

List of things discussed:
      1. T-Shirts
              A. There are still many of the black shirts leftover. We need to figure
out a way of marketing these shirts to make way for new ones. Some ideas
included, giving them away as prizes, and/or giving them away as a free gift
with purchase when people buy new shirts. Also those of us in SCL that don't
have those cool shirts, don't you wanna buy one?
              B. People would like to reprint the some of the old shirts like the red
shirts and the Atari looking Latin shirts. But only reprint a few of these
"limited edition" ones.
              C. Need new shirt design by the December meeting? So people, start getting
creative. Would like to début the new shirt in March, but not have to sell
till state.
              D. Just my train of thought, need someone to help out with T-shirts. We
can talk all we want but we need to get this done.
      2. Sponsor
              A. Would like our sponsor to attend meetings. So someone needs to discuss
this with her.
      3. Certamen Match
              A. G-Town high school no longer has a Latin program. I know it is very
tragic. So a new venue needs to be found. Maybe at UF?
              B. The UF brain bowl tournament is when? We need to find out the dates so
that it does not conflict with the tournament.
              C. We need to start putting our stuff togother so that we can quickly
inform the schools of everything that needs to be taken care of. Even though
it is in our nature (including mine) let us not try to do anything at last
              D. The March date is March 5th, unless something comes up. We need to find
a venue ASAP.
      3. State
              A. The 1st night at state they are going to be giving the students a
chance to go down to downtown Disney and maybe we could host our own SCL run
event on that evening as well. Some ideas include.
              B. Casino Night!!!! Maybe have a mixture of modern games and ancient Roman
games. We all know how much fun knuckle bones can be. Maybe have a raffle
for seats at a Texas hold'em table and as prizes give away SCL t-shirts.
              C. A seniors only meet the SCL forum. Seniors can ask SCL people (yes, we
are so wise) advice on college, life outside of high school, why SCL is soo
much cooler then JCL. You know stuff like that.
              D. There needs to be pre-registration for open certamen sent out in the
registration packets. And maybe have a pre-registration of team sports for
Olympika as well in those packets.
              E. There needs to be THREE rooms for open certamen. Not a dungeon.
              F. Have an SCL table with registration, maybe talk to seniors about
joining SCL and/or have registration for team sports then.
              G. My there is a lot of these aren't there?
              H. That's entertainment theme. Instead of doing everything the night
before, have a planed theme. A good idea is Myth's gone wrong or Myth's told
right. So start thinking of ideas for skits and all that fun stuff. Will
have a pre-planning meeting for this later on.
                              I. Thank you to Adam again for letting us
use your place.

My notes, cause I can.
I felt that this meeting was very productive and that we are going to have a
good start for this year. Good luck to everyone starting school soon. We all
know how crazy stuff gets. I would like to see the Tallahassee people hang
out sometimes. Maybe go bowling or something, you know the whole team work
thing. This is my camp counselor side. I would like to see the people in
G-town do this as well. Forgive me if I missed out on any details feel free
to add them, I saw other people with notebooks as well. And I would like
feedback to how I can make these better or more detail or something like
that from people.
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