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You know you're a Latin nerd when...

*waves* Hey all! Caitlin B. from Tally here. Last nigtht I had a definite Latin nerd moment, and I felt like sharing it.

Quincy (a good friend of mine) was running his D&D game last night; he's been working on the setting for about five years now, and it's bloody amazing. At any rate, he's created a whole pantheon for the place, including a major goddess named Flaira.

In last night's game, the paladin of the group was praying to Flaira in Celestial, and Quincy made the comment that some of the acolytes at her temple had started declining Flaira in Celestial, as you would in Latin. The split second after he said that, I started declining Flaira in my head, saying it to myself as I went. The guys couldn't stop laughing for a good three minutes.

At any rate, that's my nerd moment of the week. Feel free to chime in with any of your own. ;-)

Catch you on the flip side...

^_^ Caelene
Your friendly neighborhood Latin nerd
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