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November 8th FSCL meeting

November 8th FSCL meeting, Sarasota, FL

Attendance: Matt Yates, Phil Miller, Melissa Abrams, Andrea Tuttle, Kendal Ogles, Colleen Beck, and assorted New College students including but not limited to Vanessa, Sarah, Dan, and Angela (apologies for lack of last names)

Around 7:30, the present members started working on Certamen questions for the December tournament. We split into groups, and divided up the questions. For a solid hour and a half, we got quality Certamen questions written.

The official meeting started shortly after nine o'clock

~Needed before SCL Certamen tournament, but not before the December tourney (because it isn't really ours)
~ Any ideas or good designs should be talked about at future meetings or via listserv

December tournament
~December 6th, Maclay School, starts at 12, SCL be there at 11
~meeting afterwards (Tallahassee, location TBA), good time to also hold Saturnalia event


SCL Certamen Tournament
~Questions due by middle of November to Phil
~likely going to be the first weekend in March (this places it directly between Regionals and State)

2nd fall planning meeting
~Kendal and Raju will be attending next weekend
~State will be held at the Grosvenor Hotel, all Olympika is possible

Thats Entertainment
~Needs a new chair
~Ideas: Classical Celebrity death match, Geico parody, "I failed my Republic test, but good news, I just saved money on my car insurance"

~Still spaces available, money due NOW!!
~If you are driving to Reunion, let Franco know, so he can figure out cars/picking poeple up from the airport

Other issues were discussed and resolved. There will be a more definite line between meetings and events.


After the meeting, we went to the beach, with the purest clearest water I had ever seen (it felt like we were in a pool, I was so surprised to learn that the water was salty!), went back to New College, we watched Dogma, and some went to sleep, others played Trivial Pursuit.

Good meeting. Good event. Good.

Thanks to Colleen for hosting, and for letting people sleep there
Thanks to Vanessa for letting people sleep at her dorm.

or to
Melissa Abrams or Andrea Tuttle
3415 SW 39th Blvd apt 731
Gainesville, FL 32608
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yup that does sound totally random.

Her LJ is anditut and her e-mail is, I'm sure she'd love to hear from you. (She also happens to be my co-historian, roommate, and closest friend at UF)

Are you in SCL?

Deleted comment

hha yeah, I realized I would miss Latn too, and jumped right into a classical studies major at UF...and then realized "whoa, I havent learned enough grammar!"

So, trusty Wheelock comes out again. Definitely join SCL, we have so much fun!
I think the Geico parady should be done by someone dressed up as a gecko in a toga.
Hey, I just found this!! awesome...

I just thought I'd correct the list of past FJCL Presidents. Matt Green never held any FJCL offices...Josh Doyle was definitely immediately before Jessica Ruhle (he announced that I had won the office of FJCL secretary the day his term ended in '98), and I think Hugh was immediately before him...

Looking forward to seeing everyone at reunion :)