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Tuesday, April 17th, 2007

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Posted by:thisgirliknow.
Time:4:30 pm.

Shall we resurrect this community?

Sunday, April 2nd, 2006

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Posted by:thisgirliknow.
Time:3:12 pm.
Post your State Memories in fscl!

Tuesday, February 1st, 2005

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Posted by:thisgirliknow.
Time:9:05 am.
As of now, we plan to reprint old shirts (the Bacardi one, but in different colors) for this year. BUT this can be changed (or added on to) if someone comes up with a really fantastic idea for a shirt this year. Bueller? Bueller? Comment below.

Saturday, August 28th, 2004

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Posted by:thisgirliknow.
Time:12:27 pm.
So, uh, Ms. Bower (of Lincoln High School in Tallahassee) used to be in Delta Delta Delta.


Wednesday, August 25th, 2004

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Posted by:pontifax.
Time:3:59 am.
Hi, my name is Allen Walker, and I'm over here in Pensacola. I went to Bay High School in Panama City, FL. Back in high school, I was big into Latin--My Latin teacher is still my favorite teacher of all time--and I attended State and Nationals all four years I was there. (North Dakota, Massachussetts, Florida, and Oklahoma). Since then, I've let my Latin slip again, mostly due to no one offering it--that and jumping across the country and what not.

Well I just this past week reconnected with my Latin teacher and told her I wanted to get involved in SCL again. So here I am...22 year old college student wanting to get back on this bandwagon. Hope someone here can help me. :)

Sunday, August 15th, 2004

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Subject:written by Jen
Posted by:thisgirliknow.
Time:5:19 pm.
The FSCL Minutes
G-Town Meeting; August 14, 2004.

People who attended: Matt, Mel, Adam (thanks for letting us use your place),
Phil, Jen, Michael, Marshall (I hope that is how you spell it), James, Sara,
Courtney, Claire

List of things discussed:
      1. T-Shirts
              A. There are still many of the black shirts leftover. We need to figure
out a way of marketing these shirts to make way for new ones. Some ideas
included, giving them away as prizes, and/or giving them away as a free gift
with purchase when people buy new shirts. Also those of us in SCL that don't
have those cool shirts, don't you wanna buy one?
              B. People would like to reprint the some of the old shirts like the red
shirts and the Atari looking Latin shirts. But only reprint a few of these
"limited edition" ones.
              C. Need new shirt design by the December meeting? So people, start getting
creative. Would like to début the new shirt in March, but not have to sell
till state.
              D. Just my train of thought, need someone to help out with T-shirts. We
can talk all we want but we need to get this done.
      2. Sponsor
              A. Would like our sponsor to attend meetings. So someone needs to discuss
this with her.
      3. Certamen Match
              A. G-Town high school no longer has a Latin program. I know it is very
tragic. So a new venue needs to be found. Maybe at UF?
              B. The UF brain bowl tournament is when? We need to find out the dates so
that it does not conflict with the tournament.
              C. We need to start putting our stuff togother so that we can quickly
inform the schools of everything that needs to be taken care of. Even though
it is in our nature (including mine) let us not try to do anything at last
              D. The March date is March 5th, unless something comes up. We need to find
a venue ASAP.
      3. State
              A. The 1st night at state they are going to be giving the students a
chance to go down to downtown Disney and maybe we could host our own SCL run
event on that evening as well. Some ideas include.
              B. Casino Night!!!! Maybe have a mixture of modern games and ancient Roman
games. We all know how much fun knuckle bones can be. Maybe have a raffle
for seats at a Texas hold'em table and as prizes give away SCL t-shirts.
              C. A seniors only meet the SCL forum. Seniors can ask SCL people (yes, we
are so wise) advice on college, life outside of high school, why SCL is soo
much cooler then JCL. You know stuff like that.
              D. There needs to be pre-registration for open certamen sent out in the
registration packets. And maybe have a pre-registration of team sports for
Olympika as well in those packets.
              E. There needs to be THREE rooms for open certamen. Not a dungeon.
              F. Have an SCL table with registration, maybe talk to seniors about
joining SCL and/or have registration for team sports then.
              G. My there is a lot of these aren't there?
              H. That's entertainment theme. Instead of doing everything the night
before, have a planed theme. A good idea is Myth's gone wrong or Myth's told
right. So start thinking of ideas for skits and all that fun stuff. Will
have a pre-planning meeting for this later on.
                              I. Thank you to Adam again for letting us
use your place.

My notes, cause I can.
I felt that this meeting was very productive and that we are going to have a
good start for this year. Good luck to everyone starting school soon. We all
know how crazy stuff gets. I would like to see the Tallahassee people hang
out sometimes. Maybe go bowling or something, you know the whole team work
thing. This is my camp counselor side. I would like to see the people in
G-town do this as well. Forgive me if I missed out on any details feel free
to add them, I saw other people with notebooks as well. And I would like
feedback to how I can make these better or more detail or something like
that from people.

Tuesday, July 6th, 2004

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Posted by:thisgirliknow.
Time:3:57 pm.
SCL meeting July 17.

Time and place to be determined.

Tuesday, April 20th, 2004

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Subject:You know you're a Latin nerd when...
Posted by:quicksilverfox.
Time:10:05 pm.
*waves* Hey all! Caitlin B. from Tally here. Last nigtht I had a definite Latin nerd moment, and I felt like sharing it.

Quincy (a good friend of mine) was running his D&D game last night; he's been working on the setting for about five years now, and it's bloody amazing. At any rate, he's created a whole pantheon for the place, including a major goddess named Flaira.

In last night's game, the paladin of the group was praying to Flaira in Celestial, and Quincy made the comment that some of the acolytes at her temple had started declining Flaira in Celestial, as you would in Latin. The split second after he said that, I started declining Flaira in my head, saying it to myself as I went. The guys couldn't stop laughing for a good three minutes.

At any rate, that's my nerd moment of the week. Feel free to chime in with any of your own. ;-)

Catch you on the flip side...

^_^ Caelene
Your friendly neighborhood Latin nerd

Monday, March 15th, 2004

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Posted by:wildmandan.
Time:4:37 am.
Okay, SCL'ers - I'm not quite in SCL yet, but the batsign still needs to go up.

A member of the Lincoln High School delegation must have a ride to the Orlando ACT testing session on Saturday, April 3rd. She needs to know who she'll be riding with tonight, or else her parents won't let her go. CALL ME TONIGHT IF YOU CAN TAKE HER. It's just two short trips, and you're allowing her to go to state. My number is 850.877.4016. We can reimburse you the gas money. Please - call me! Think of the children.

-Daniel Godwin

Sunday, November 9th, 2003

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Subject:November 8th FSCL meeting
Posted by:thisgirliknow.
Time:3:32 pm.
November 8th FSCL meeting, Sarasota, FL

Attendance: Matt Yates, Phil Miller, Melissa Abrams, Andrea Tuttle, Kendal Ogles, Colleen Beck, and assorted New College students including but not limited to Vanessa, Sarah, Dan, and Angela (apologies for lack of last names)

Around 7:30, the present members started working on Certamen questions for the December tournament. We split into groups, and divided up the questions. For a solid hour and a half, we got quality Certamen questions written.

The official meeting started shortly after nine o'clock

~Needed before SCL Certamen tournament, but not before the December tourney (because it isn't really ours)
~ Any ideas or good designs should be talked about at future meetings or via listserv

December tournament
~December 6th, Maclay School, starts at 12, SCL be there at 11
~meeting afterwards (Tallahassee, location TBA), good time to also hold Saturnalia event


SCL Certamen Tournament
~Questions due by middle of November to Phil
~likely going to be the first weekend in March (this places it directly between Regionals and State)

2nd fall planning meeting
~Kendal and Raju will be attending next weekend
~State will be held at the Grosvenor Hotel, all Olympika is possible

Thats Entertainment
~Needs a new chair
~Ideas: Classical Celebrity death match, Geico parody, "I failed my Republic test, but good news, I just saved money on my car insurance"

~Still spaces available, money due NOW!!
~If you are driving to Reunion, let Franco know, so he can figure out cars/picking poeple up from the airport

Other issues were discussed and resolved. There will be a more definite line between meetings and events.


After the meeting, we went to the beach, with the purest clearest water I had ever seen (it felt like we were in a pool, I was so surprised to learn that the water was salty!), went back to New College, we watched Dogma, and some went to sleep, others played Trivial Pursuit.

Good meeting. Good event. Good.

Thanks to Colleen for hosting, and for letting people sleep there
Thanks to Vanessa for letting people sleep at her dorm.

SEND ANY PICTURES TO: mla4@ufl.edu or anditut17@aol.com
or to
Melissa Abrams or Andrea Tuttle
3415 SW 39th Blvd apt 731
Gainesville, FL 32608

Saturday, November 8th, 2003

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Posted by:thisgirliknow.
Time:3:30 am.
FSCL meeting tomorrow night at New College. If you want to come and haven't heard info yet, comment to this entry and I'll hook you up ASAP.

Monday, November 3rd, 2003

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Posted by:kitkatlj.
Time:9:32 am.

Monday, October 27th, 2003

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Posted by:thisgirliknow.
Time:4:00 pm.
Hey Everyone!

So far not many ppl have voted on whether we should have the meeting on the 8th or the 22nd. Keep in mind that the certamen meet is on Dec 6th, and the December meeting will be held on Dec 13th.
The PLanning meeting that Raju and I will attend is on Nov 14th, which would make the later date better to get more info. Its up to YOU!
As far as state goes - we have official words finally!!! Come to the meeting to find out more and ask quetions! We are going to be at the Grosvenor Hotel in Orlando... its near Disney. ALSO - we'll have somewhere to hang out and plan stuff after hours!!!!! :D
Hope to hear from you all soon!


Sunday, October 26th, 2003

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Posted by:_melissa_.
Time:1:40 pm.
So, I think we have a list of past FJCL presidents coming along really well here. If anyone has more info, please comment -- esp for presidents before 95, or last name of this "Hugh" kid

(Hugh?) 95-96
Josh Doyle 96-97
Matt Green 97-98
Jessica Ruhle 98-99
Lisa Blumsack 99-00
Ed Atkinson 00-01
Raju Vyas 01-02
Daniel Godwin 02-03
Claire Thomas 03-04

Sunday, October 12th, 2003

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Posted by:_melissa_.
Time:9:50 pm.

To those of you who showed up at the meeting-- yay! In attendance were: Matt Y, Shannon, Melissa, Andrea, and Joseph. That's five people, out of 111 on this list that knew about it... and no elected officers. We need to have a little chat.

Officers, we love you. You are great people. We love to see you. Then WHY DO YOU NEVER SHOW UP FOR THINGS? Some things do take precedence over others, and people understand prior commitments, but not all the time..Not going to an SCL meeting because its your "only free weekend" is not an excuse. Not showing up for events you PLANNED is just idiotic. You CHOSE to run for this office. Even if you didn't "want" to, you gladly accepted the duty, and promised to fulfill it to the best of your ability. The five of us (matt, shannon, joseph, andrea, melissa) thought for awhile that we couldn't have a meeting without you-- and true, we have no new business to discuss. We had no idea what's going on with the hotel for state, what's going on with certamen questions, or new insights on Reunion. We did, however, use the time to evaluate what the heck has been going on (see below...)

Anyway, so, a couple things.

The distinction between meetings and events. We can have meetings. We can have events. We can have events after meetings. Not such a good idea to have events DURING meetings. When we start to party, less things get done, we don't talk enough about important issues, and we don't feel accomplished. Wouldn't you rather get work done, and THEN party? Maybe meetings perhaps during the day, or at least earlier in the evening, so people don't confuse "meeting" with "party." You come to the meetings with the expectation to party-- realize that this is not the whole purpose. We have things we need to get done.

Oh look! A Tallahassee meeting! Exactly what you wanted. Exactly what we planned. To branch out. To have Gainesville people go to tally instead of meeting in gatorville all the time. To have less commute for some. Guess what? It didn't work. The people at the meeting were ones basically expected there anyway. We didn't get any new Tally people- the meeting was not publicized enough, perhaps-- but we defeated the purpose of it in the first place. You have known about this meeting since NATIONALS. Since August. Actually, since before August. Twas the second Saturday of the month, as was decided all our meetings would be in APRIL.

Certamen questions for the December tournament need to be written. No one seems to be doing this, yet we know between us we have a bazillion IQ points and SAT scores. We just have to get down to it-- and its always better to do it around people. I propose we have an certamen question-writing night. We can all meet somewhere, we can bring whatever resources we may need, and we can hang out and write questions. We're dorky enough that it will be fun. I promise. AND we'll all get it done, hopefully sometime soon so we have time to edit and such.

There were a couple other topics covered, Shannon has them and will post soon.

*the use of the second person is not directed towards a particular person. Its directed towards you as a group.

*the word "party" is used often. You know what I mean.

*I tried really hard to make this sound nice. Saturday night we were full of self righteous anger. Please don't hate me. No shooting the messenger.

*Happy Late Birthday Matthew Yates!

Saturday, October 4th, 2003

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Posted by:_melissa_.
Time:12:34 am.
When does the tournament start tomorrow? does ANYONE know?

Wednesday, October 1st, 2003

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Posted by:_melissa_.
Time:8:09 pm.
There is a Certamen tournament on Saturday, October 4th, at St Johns Country Day school in Jacksonville, FL. SCLers are always welcome, we'll end up moderating/score keeping, so the teachers are free to watch their teams. Anyone who wants to come is welcome.

Sunday, September 21st, 2003

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Posted by:_melissa_.
Time:6:55 pm.
I created a new community-- I didn't realize there wasn't a national senior classical league journal until I tried to find one...

nscl -- JOIN!

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Subject:Reunion info:
Posted by:_melissa_.
Time:6:46 pm.
Letter from Franco...

hey everyone,

Some of you have requested some info on Reunion and unfortunately i havent been able to get the info on the web page. So here it goes,

Cost of reunion is $250 (this will cover hotel room and all events excluding dinner at margaretaville). A $50 deposit was due on september 1st, but if you haven't paid and would still like to go there is still time. Send me your deposit of $50 to 11812 boardwalk Drive Orlando, Fl 32826 (make checks out to me). The remaining $200 wil lbe due on November 1st. IF you could send the money earlier, that would be great! Here are the activities planned so far. December 29th we arrive at the Holiday Villas hotel. From there we go to Downtown disney for dinner at House of Blues and after to Peasure Island for some entertainment. December 30th it's Islands of adventure and universal studios followed by dinner at Margaretavilles and entertainment at universal's citywalk. December 31st is a free day. Many people have decided to go shopping, and some are even planning on visiting a disney park. Dinner will be at Buca di Beppo, and formal attire is expected. Thats pretty much the gist of it. If you have any more questions or concerns, please E-mail me directly(not the list) at Franco9x@excite.com. See you in December!

- Sir Franco the Tired

Monday, September 15th, 2003

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Posted by:_melissa_.
Time:2:26 pm.
Top ten ways to annoy your Latin teacher

(very open to suggestions)

2. Translate the passage into French
Top ten ways to annoy your Latin teacher

(very open to suggestions)
6. Decline your verbs and conjugate your nouns somebodyelse
5. Ask if there are any differences in the language between, say Costa Rica and Peru. somebodyelse
4. Look up EVERY word in your dictionary, including et, sum, in, yadda, yadda, yadda. somebodyelse
3. Ask how to decline "ixnay" somebodyelse
2. Translate the passage into French pandora48sch
1. Every time your teacher says "Cicero" you shout out "Lipschitz" _melissa_ and anditut

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